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5 Innovative Hair Transplantation Techniques

5 Innovative Hair Transplantation Techniques

Hair transplants have evolved tremendously since their inception, being able to help individuals who are suffering from hair loss to regain their self-confidence and look younger and healthier. Nowadays, hair transplantations have progressed from the doll-like look, being able to render natural-looking results which almost cannot be detected as being transplanted even by hair specialists. Here are five innovative hair transplantation techniques!

1. Robotic systems in Turkey

The robotic systems are basically the ARTAS Robotic Systems. These are the first and only systems which confer minimally invasive robotic outpatient hair restoration procedures.

This type of procedure is assisted by a hair transplant physician and uses intelligent algorithms and advanced digital imaging to choose the most appropriate individual hairs from the back of the patient’s scalp on the balding areas.

This one-of-a-kind dissection system which takes place in two steps is able to produce healthy grafts while avoiding the appearance of a linear scar and preserving a natural appearance on the patient’s donor site.

2. Stem cell hair loss therapy

The most modern research in the field of hair restoration proves that stem cells are able to stimulate the growth of the hair.

This therapy is named PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy and it consists of spinning the patient’s blood down to the stem cells in platelets and injecting them into the recipient area of the head to encourage the hair growth.

3. Laser therapy for hair growth in Turkey

The laser therapy is another innovative hair transplantation technique which utilizes low-grade lasers to treat the patient’s head to improve the appearance and the general health of the hair.

The recommended utilization is 30 minutes three times each week. 

4. Tissue expansion

This type of operation is effectuated by Turkey hair transplant surgeons to decrease the size of the bald area of the patient’s head by inserting a tissue expander under the skin.

After several weeks, the tissue expander enlarges, which stretches the skin of the scalp. After the scalp has loosened enough, the expander is taken out and the excess skin is removed, reducing the size of the bald area.

5. Hair cloning

Even though the hair cloning is still being researched, hair restoration scientists intend to develop a way to use cells from the healthy hair follicles to generate new hair in tissue culture, which means outside of the patient’s body.

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