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Beard and Moustache Transplantation in Turkey

Beard and Moustache Transplantation in Turkey

Beard and moustache transplants in Turkey are becoming more and more popular, as many men face the problem of lack of facial hair due to genetics, hormones, past illnesses or scars. Even if they don’t wish to grow a long beard or moustache, men still feel that facial hair is a symbol of masculinity and have a lot of inferiority complexes when they don’t have it or they have too little of it.

>> The Solution? Contact our hair transplant clinic in Turkey which also operates beard and moustache transplants, coming to respond to the increasing demand of our male patients. We invite you into our modern clinic to take advantage of all the benefits a beard and moustache hair transplant can offer you.  

 Quick Facts  
Best suited for

Men with sparse beard and moustache, men with scars from injuries or previous surgical procedures, transgender patients

Minimum age 18 years
Transplant candidates  Individuals who have a good general health
FUE for beard and moustache transplant in Turkey

Follicular unit extraction is a preferred method because it allows for precise and natural results

FUT for beard transplant Follicular unit transplant can also be used. The doctor in Turkey will determine if he uses both procedures
Pre-transplant examination in Turkey Yes, performed by our clinic
Pre-surgery phase

Medical history analysis, blood tests (if advised by the physician)
Initial consult

Surgery performed by An experienced hair transplant doctor specializing in the beard and moustache areas
Procedure supervised by Our senior hair transplant doctor in Istanbul
Post-op consult after a beard and moustache transplant in Turkey Yes
Recovery duration (estimated) 1 week
Team experience Relevant experience in hair transplant techniques, including those destined for facial hair implantation
Personalized solutions in Turkey Anatomical evaluation to suit the patient’s facial features
Additional/complementary procedures Microblading (if advised by the doctor)
Medical treatment for stimulating hair growth on the face (as prescribed by the physician)
 Reasons to choose a beard and moustache transplant in Turkey Lower costs compared to other countries
Modern clinics
Experienced doctors
Improved look and self-confidence
Facial hair loss factors

– genetics,

– hormonal imbalance,

– past illnesses,

– scarring,

– certain medical conditions,

– aging, etc.

Donor area

Typically the back of the neck.

Ineligible candidates

– patients with alopecia,

– patients with active skin infections,

– patients with unrealistic expectations,

– underage patients, etc.

Facial hair transplant cost in Turkey

Depends on:

– the technique used,

– number of grafts,

– additional services,

– post-op treatments, etc.

Steps of a beard and moustache transplant procedure

– initial consultation,

– identify donor area,

– preparation for operation,

– collection of hair follicles,

– implantation procedure,

– post-op recovery

Local anesthesia (YES/NO)


Variations of beard transplant

– full beard,

– sideburn,

– goatee, etc.

Graft shedding


Two weeks post-transplant

Shaving transplanted beard and moustache

Once the healing process is terminated, you can groom your facial hair as usual.

Permanent transplant (YES/NO) YES, beard and moustache transplants are permanent.
Number of grafts needed in facial hair transplant in Turkey

Between 400-3500

Dyeing beard and moustache

Avoid dyeing the facial hair both before and shortly after the transplant to prevent potential irritation.

Post-op recommendation

Do not shave the newly transplanted facial hair for 10 days.

Procedure duration

Beard and mustache transplants are usually done in one day.

Additional services at our Turkey hair transplant clinic

-traditional hair transplants,

– hair transplants for women,

– eyebrow transplants,

– eyelash transplants, etc.

Particularities of beard and moustache transplants

Beard and moustache transplants can be provided to male patients starting with early ages, usually earlier than hair transplants. There are 20-year old patients who request facial hair transplants, however, there is no particular age for such a procedure. Also, patients can choose to have a beard or moustache transplant or even both, depending on their needs.

Another important aspect of facial hair transplant is the donor area which is usually the back of the neck. This is because the hair follicles here have similar particularities with the facial hair of patients. The grafts to be collected from the donor area must match the existing facial hair in thickness, length, inclination, and even color.
Facial hair transplants are usually completed in one day, therefore, patients can leave the clinic the same day they checked in.

beard and moustache hair transplant is usually completed by additional treatments, however, our doctors will make such recommendations where required. Our doctors are very professionals in the field of hair transplantation and can even help patients who want to repair their scars through FUE

Why Can’t Some Men Grow Beards?

Blame it on genetics

Facial hair is produced by a chemical named dihydrotestosterone that is synthesized from testosterone (the hormone which encourages development and sexual characteristics in men). The ability to grow facial hair is given by the way in which the body reacts to testosterone.

Generally, men present the same levels of testosterone. However, men who can grow thick facial hair are more sensitive, or receptive, to testosterone than men who can’t grow beards. And this is where genetics come into play: the way a man’s body responds to testosterone results in how his beard grows

Skin conditions diagnosed by specialized physicians in Turkey

In certain cases, however not often, a man might suffer from a skin condition which can limit beard growth. Alopecia is one of these conditions, causing hair loss and balding. If a man suffers from alopecia, his immune system attacks his hair follicles, accidentally, and this is where the hair growth stops. Luckily, the outcomes of alopecia are not permanent. Another reason why some men can’t grow beards might be an underactive thyroid, also named hypothyroidism. Other reasons might be a deficiency of iron or anemia. If you suspect you could be suffering from such a skin condition, it is advisable to consult one of our Turkey hair transplant physicians. 

Who can opt for beard transplants in Turkey or moustache transplants?

There are several categories of patients who cannot undergo beard and/or moustache transplants. These are usually patients who would not obtain good or any results after such transplantation, such as persons suffering from certain conditions, like alopecia.

The number of patients who can obtain great results, on the other hand, is quite large and involves the following categories of men:

  1.     Men who have suffered from various types of injuries and are left with scars on the face;
  2.     Men who have previously undergone other surgeries and are left without one or more patches of facial hair;
  3.     Men who were victims of burns can be very successful beard and moustache hair transplants;
  4.     Men who have naturally less facial hair are usually the most common patients for these types of transplants.

Patients seeking to undergo a beard transplant in Turkey  or a moustache transplant can also choose micro-pigmentation before making such a drastic decision. The surgeons in our Turkey hair transplant clinicwill offer personalized consults and treatments to each patient after a preliminary evaluation. We have some of the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey, so you can rely on our team if you need hair restoration services.

Procedures for beard and moustache transplants in Turkey

The techniques used for beard and moustache transplants in our clinic in Istanbul are usually the same as in any other hair transplant, with the specific information that no matter the procedure used, the entire operation is completed much faster than a hair transplant.

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are the most employed techniques for beard and moustache transplants in our clinic in Istanbul. Most of the times, the FUE procedure is used by our surgeons because of the accuracy of the technique and because the number of grafts is lower than the ones required for the usual hair transplant.

Other techniques which imply the use of specific tools can also be employed, however, most of the times FUE will meet all the needs of the surgeons and of the patients who want to take advantage of the great results offer by an FUE hair transplant in Turkey.

Before undergoing such a hair transplant, we invite you to discuss your cause or condition and find a suitable option with our surgeons in Istanbul.

Beard Transplant in Turkey

Steps in a beard and moustache transplant in Turkey

Facial hair transplants have become quite popular among our patients, as they do not require an extensive surgical intervention. The number of patients asking for beard and moustache transplants has increased as a consequence of many hormonal changes which lead to male patients having lesser facial hair.

The steps to be completed in a beard and moustache hair transplant will first imply an initial consultation during which the procedure will be selected with the help of our doctors. We want to assure you that all your desires and requests will be considered when choosing the procedure used for a beard hair transplant in our clinic in Istanbul.

During this consult, the donor and recipient areas are established. The approximate number of grafts is also determined. The consult will help speed up the procedure and will be an important step in determining the cost of the entire procedure.

Then, the patient will be prepared for the operation which will imply mild anesthesia of the donor area. Most of the time, the back of the neck is suitable as a donor area because the hairs here match those on the face. Once the donor area is anesthetized, the hair follicles to be implanted in the recipient area are collected one by one. Once the grafts are collected, they are checked for viability and the implantation on the recipient will begin.

Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey can explain the procedure in detail. They will take you through every stage of the procedure right before the surgery. In case you need an eyebrow transplant in Turkey, our clinic offers this service too. Moreover, if you are interested in a strip hair transplant, our team can help you.

Beard transplants in Turkey

Beard transplant is a surgery that implies transplanting hair usually from the scalp to the beard area, generally using the FUE hair transplant method. This operation sometimes is used to thicken the already existing beard or to fill in patchy regions. The transplanted beard can be shaved and styled as wished after some time. Transplants of this kind can be made for sideburns, a goatee or moustache

Such a specialized operation is performed only by certain qualified surgeons and it can last two to four hours. The donor follicular units are usually taken from the scalp because they have a similar texture as the ones from the beard. After applying local anesthesia in both areas, the surgeon extracts the follicular units from the scalp and implants them in extremely small incisions into the beard skin. The hair follicles are carefully implanted into the natural direction of the hair growth, also paying attention to the aesthetics, for example, grey hairs. If the existing beard is very thin, it might be required to operate several procedures in order to add thickness. 

The transplanted hair follicles fall after one month and new ones begin to grow in approximately three months, taking about one year to fully grow in. It is usually possible to shave, trim, or style the beard only a few weeks after the transplant was completed. 

Moustache transplants in Turkey

Moustache transplantation is an important hair transplant service that we provide in Turkey. It involves transplanting follicular units extracted from the nape to the upper lip. It is effectuated using the FUE hair transplant method. The hair follicles maintain their natural shape and grow in the same manner as the natural hair in the transplanted areas. 

We invite you to watch the following video about beard and moustache transplants in Turkey

Facts on beard and moustache transplantations

When considering a beard transplant in Turkey and/or a moustache hair transplant, it is important to remember aspects such as:

•    They are very similar to scalp hair transplants in Istanbul: the procedure used to perform these transplants are quite the same as the scalp restoration ones. Simply put, your surgeon attentively selects hairs from the back and the sides of the scalp which are the most similar to the facial hairs and then transplants them on the recipient areas. When transplanting hairs for the beard and moustache, though, the physician effectuates smaller incisions;
•    They are time-consuming: a beard or moustache transplantation in Turkey can last for two to five hours, depending on the recipient area and the desired density;
•    The new hairs will grow normally: the newly transplanted facial hair will grow like normal hair, having similar texture and features;
•    They are painless: like any other Turkey hair transplant, these procedures, too, are painless;
•    Post-op instructions: it is recommended not to shave the newly transplanted facial hair for the following 10 days after the surgery. Also, it is important to know that the transplanted hair will shed in two weeks after the procedure. However, three to four months after the surgery, the transplanted hair will grow and you will be able to enjoy a new, better look;
•    Permanent results: beard transplants in Turkey bring a permanent solution for men who want to have facial hair. The newly transplanted hairs will never fall off. If you want to know the price of such a procedure, you can ask our local specialists for more details about the hair transplant cost in Turkey.

How much does a beard transplant cost in Turkey?

It is well-known that Turkey is one of the cheapest countries in the world when it comes to hair transplants and this principle also applies to beard transplants. This is why a beard transplant in Turkey can be obtained for less than 2,000 euros for patients who need a small number of grafts, however, the price can go higher based on how many grafts are needed. It should also be noted that this price refers only to the cost of the procedure and no other additional costs which should also be taken into consideration.

The hair transplant cost in Turkey and, similarly, the cost for a beard transplant, depends on the number of grafts the patient requires to attain the desired result. This can only be estimated after an initial evaluation and discussion with one of our doctors. We encourage you to give us a call and schedule a meeting. After this first meeting, you will know more about the costs. 

In order to determine how much a beard transplant in our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul will cost you, we invite you for the first consultation with one of our specialists.

Other costs which should be considered in a beard transplant in Turkey

The overall cost of a beard transplant in Turkey can be influenced by many factors, because:

  • during the initial consult, the price of the operation forwarded can be slightly lower;
  • the number of grafts is the main indicator of the overall cost of a beard transplant in Turkey;
  • the procedure used for the transplant will also influence the cost of the beard transplant;
  • transport and accommodation should also be included in the cost of the beard transplant;
  • post-operatory care will also imply additional costs, depending on the recovery of the patient;
  • the price of the operation can be lower if the patient decides to travel to Turkey in spring or autumn time because of the cheaper flights.

The overall cost of a beard transplant in our clinic in Turkey depends on how well the trip to Istanbul is planned. Our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul can offer various tips which can reduce the cost of a beard transplant.

You can rely on us if you need mustache or other types of hair transplants in Turkey.

The procedure used to complete a beard transplant operation in Turkey

Just like in the case of a hair transplant, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) are two main procedures used in beard and mustache transplants. In terms of costs, a beard transplant is cheaper through the FUT method. This is also the procedure recommended by our surgeons in Istanbul.

A beard transplant through the FUE procedure implies collecting individual grafts from other parts of the body and their insertion in the beard area. This will render natural results and will also imply a minimum recovery period. In our hair transplant clinic in Turkey, you can benefit from innovative procedures and treatments which can help you restore your confidence.

What to expect when coming to Turkey for a beard transplant

Turkey is famous for its medical facilities, which in most cases are located in resorts or cities with great history, like Istanbul, where our clinic is.

Once you step into our modern clinic, our friendly team of doctors will take you through every step of the beard transplant procedure, will answer all your questions and, of course, will explain how much it will cost. If additional treatments are required, our medical team will make sure to inform you.

All our services are tailored to the patient’s needs, so if you have any preferences, we invite you to let us know about them.

You can discuss the costs of a beard transplant in Turkey with our doctors anytime.

Why facial hair transplants in Turkey?

According to The Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency, in 2014 approximately 414,600 visitors traveled to Turkey looking for medical treatments, which represented an increase of 55% compared to the previous year. According to the same Agency, medical tourists injected USD 837 million worth of medical treatments in the country. A large portion of these treatments are facial hair transplants, and our clinic is one of the most reputed in Istanbul for such operations.

Turkey is one of the cheapest countries for a hair transplant, and beard transplants are no exception. If you decide to undergo a beard transplant in our clinic in Istanbul, you should know that:

  • the lowest price starts at a little under 2,000 euros, but can go up to 6,000 euros depending on how serious the problem is;
  • the average smallest number of grafts used in a beard transplant is 1,000;
  • the largest number of grafts can even reach 4,000 grafts when the beard area has no hair;
  • the average time for a beard transplant can take 3 to 4 hours.

FAQ about Beard Transplants in Turkey  

Our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul have gathered and answered some of the most frequently asked questions on beard transplants below.

What exactly is a beard transplant?

A beard transplant is, just like a hair transplant, an operation through which hair grafts are collected from another part of the body and transplanted on the chin, the cheeks or other parts of the face where patches of beard no longer grow.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for a beard transplant?

If you don’t feel confident about your beard, you can benefit from a transplant. You will first need to come in for an initial consult and talk to one of our specialists about your problem and together with our hair transplant surgeons you will choose the best procedure for a beard transplant.

How do I prepare for a beard transplant?

You don’t need to do anything special, however, it is recommended not to dye it, if this is something that you usually do.

Does the beard transplant procedure hurt?

No, you will not feel any pain during a beard transplant operation in our clinic in Istanbul, as our doctors always local anesthesia for the best comfort of the patient.

How long does a bear transplant operation take?

The minimum amount of time for a beard transplant is 2 hours, however, you should be prepared for it to take longer depending on the hairs that need to be transplanted. Our doctors will explain how long the procedure will take during the first consult.

Can I choose how my new beard will look like?

Yes, you can. You need to tell our surgeons what your expectations are, and they will make a computerized simulation and show you the new look after the beard transplant.

Is there any special care after a beard transplant?

Yes, just like in the case of a hair transplant, you will need to take at least a few days off for the post-operatory care. However, you don’t need to stay in the hospital for this whole time.

Does a beard transplant have any side effects?

No, you will experience no side effects after a beard transplant in our clinic in Turkey; however, you should know that during the first two weeks after the transplant the new grafts will shed. This is something normal.

How long until I see the first results after a beard transplant?

The first permanent results will appear after 3 months from the beard transplant, so you will need to be a little patient.

Can people tell that I have had a beard transplant?

No, they won’t, unless you tell them. The results of a beard transplant as just as natural as those of a hair transplant.

Can I shave my new beard?

Yes, once the healing and the shedding phases terminate, you will be able to groom your new beard as usual.

Will I need to change my lifestyle after a beard transplant?

No, you do not need to make any changes in your lifestyle after a beard transplant; however, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure during the first weeks after the operation.

Clinical trials related to hair transplants

Hair transplants are performed in great numbers every day, however, before surgeons can use the evolved techniques they currently do, there were many clinical trials which enabled them to. Among these, a study related to the use of body and beard hair for treating androgenic alopecia from 2005 – 2008 was published in 2013. According to the trial:

  • 35 male patients with various degrees of androgenic alopecia participated;
  • 18 of the patients were Caucasian males;
  • the number of grafts implanted was 7,000;
  • follow-up assessments were completed on various intervals ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

The results indicated that the transplanted grafts did not change the color, curl, and caliber.

Please contact us if you are interested in finding out the hair transplant cost in Turkey for this type of procedure and scheduling a beard transplant in Turkey and/or a moustache transplant with our clinic.