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DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

The DHI hair transplant in Turkey, the direct hair implantation (DHI), is a method based on the popular follicular unit extraction.

By using the direct hair implantation method, which relies on a special medical device similar to a pen, the surgeon is able to provide very precise and natural-looking results.

Clients who are interested in a DHI hair transplant in Istanbul can rely on the expertise of our surgeons, as well as the services offered by all of our specialists.

Read below to find out more about this technique and remember to reach out to us if you are interested in knowing more about the DHI hair transplant Turkey cost.

What is DHI?

DHI in Turkey is the direct hair implantation method. It can be defined as a modified FUE (follicular unit extraction) method that is more precise and, unlike the traditional, surgical FUE, reliant on a special pen used to remove hair follicles in a less invasive manner.

 Quick Facts  
DHI hair transplant in Turkey – main characteristics 

DHI hair transplant is a modification of the FUE technique;

DHI stands for direct hair implantation;

 A specialized pen-shaped tool is used in DHI hair transplant in Turkey to make the process more efficient;

One of the most common hair transplant options in Turkey.

Why choose Istanbul 

The city is equipped with modern hospitals and clinics staffed with highly qualified and experienced hair transplant doctors;

Travel costs are also affordable, making it possible to plan a budget-friendly trip to Istanbul.

Recommended to 

Patients over the age of 25, with thicker hair 


Anesthesia – the doctor administers local anesthesia to the patient;

Extraction – the surgeon uses a fine-tip tool to extract hair follicles from the donor area, usually located at the back of the head;

Hair follicles preparation – once extracted, the hair follicles are inspected and prepared for insertion using a pen-shaped tool;

 Insertion – the hair follicles are inserted into the recipient area in a natural position according to the natural growth direction.

 Post-op indications

Wash hair as directed by the doctor;

Sleep at a 15-degree angle;

Dry hair with a clean, soft towel after Turkey hair transplant

Protect your hair from direct sunlight;

 Doctor might prescribe medicine in case of discomfort. 

Results after DHI hair transplant in Turkey

During the first 15 days after a hair transplant in Turkey, scabbing may occur, but it should disappear within this timeframe;

Following this, you may experience shedding during the first month, but after the third month, you can expect hair growth;

The final result of the hair transplant should be noticeable after the first year.

 Opperation time (approx.)

 6-8 hours


The recovery period is shorter in comparison to conventional hair transplant methods in Turkey; 

The viability of the hair grafts is higher;

Grafts can be placed at an angle that mimics the direction of natural hair growth.

 Scarring (YES/NO)


Hair density  High hair density for small to medium areas 

After a DHI hair transplant in Turkey, shedding of hair typically occurs around 3 weeks to 1 month after the procedure;

However, this shedding is normal and does not indicate loss of the follicle;

The follicular units remain intact during this period.

Preparation for DHI Hair Transplant In Turkey 

Inform your doctor of your medical history; 

Stop smoking tobacco and e-cigarette products;

On the night before the surgery, do not eat or drink anything for 8 hours, and shower in the morning prior to the surgery.


If you are seeking a hair transplant method in Turkey that results in natural-looking hair, DHI hair transplant surgery is an effective treatment option

 Male hair loss causes

Male Pattern Baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia is the main cause of hair loss in 95% of men  

Hair transplant in Turkey costs  The cost of a hair transplant in Istanbul depends on various factors, such as the number of grafts required and the transplantation technique utilized 

How is DHI different from FUE?

DHI hair transplant in Istanbul is very similar to the FUE technique also performed in Istanbul. They both rely on removing individual hair follicles, as opposed to removing a longer strip of skin with more hair follicles, like in the case of the FUT surgery.

The main advantage of removing individual hair follicles is that is allows for more precision, less trauma on a large portion of both the donor and the recipient areas and, after recovery, a more natural looking result, without visible scars as may be the case for the FUT procedure.

The DHI hair transplant in Turkey is, to a certain extent, a reinterpretation with a different tool of the FUE technique. It is suitable for both male and female pattern baldness.

Local anesthesia is used during both of these procedures. Moreover, because both DHI and FUE are more precise, the duration of the procedure will be longer than one hour (to several hours in most cases). You will not, however, need to be hospitalized. The procedure is performed in an outpatient facility.

The video below also offers a summary of this technique:

Who can benefit from DHI hair transplant in Turkey?

In general, this procedure is suited to people over the age of 25 and those with a thicker hair. Patients screened and accepted for a FUE procedure can also benefit from the DHI hair transplant technique.

As in all cases, precautions are taken for patients and our doctors will ask you about your medical history. People suffering from certain diseases, such as type 2 diabetes will need additional medical counsel to determine if the procedure is suitable.

The DHI hair transplant Turkey costs can be estimated once our surgeon determines the number of grafts that will be required to achieve the desired results. However, clients should know that the costs for hair transplant in Turkey are lower than in other countries.

DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Turkey steps

Patients often inquire about the steps of the procedure. Our team outlines the most important ones below:

  1. Anesthesia: the doctor will use local anesthesia with most patients;
  2. Extraction: using a fine-tip tool, the surgeon the extracts the hair follicles from the donor area (usually in the back of the head);
  3. Hair follicles preparation: once extracted, the hair follicles are inspected and prepared for insertion; the pen-shaped tool is used for this purpose;
  4. Insertion: the hair follicles are inserted into the recipient area as the final step of the process; the surgeon takes care to insert them in a natural position, according to the natural growth direction.

The DHI hair transplant Turkey cost is evaluated after the initial consultation, however, patients can expect that overall costs to be even three times lower than in other locations.

Clinics can offer personalized services, depending on the duration of the stay in Turkey (and whether or not additional procedures will be required, after the DHI).

Another important advantage, apart from the fact that the overall cost is lower per package, is that patients can rest assured that they will receive top medical services within the DHI hair transplant Turkey cost.

If you want to know more about the procedure and the costs, you can discuss your case beforehand with one of our specialists.

While an initial appointment with one of our expert physicians is mandatory for a complete and accurate assessment of your case, you can reach out to our team via our contact page for preliminary discussions.

Recovery after DHI hair transplant in Turkey

As with all medical procedures, hair transplantation demands the patient to be mindful and follow a number of rules and recommendations form the treating physician.

Some of the most important issues to take into account are the following:

  • The scalp will feel tender after the DHI hair transplant in Turkey; this is natural and the doctor will prescribe over the counter medication to relieve any pain;
  • You will need to wear bandages for one day or more, depending on the healing time; the bandages will usually be changed in the clinic where you performed the DHI hair transplant in Istanbul, when you are asked to visit for the follow-up consult;
  • The doctor can also decide to prescribe antibiotics; you will receive complete information about the medication and the prescription from the clinic;
  • Our team will give you instructions on how to treat the area immediately after the procedure; you will be asked to refrain form wearing hats, not use hair products or dryers, and follow a number of other rules (when sleeping and showering);
  • It is common for the physician to recommend that you do not engage in strenuous physical activity for a few days after the direct hair transplant procedure.

DHI hair transplants are safe for most patients and rarely cause complications.

Topical sensitivity is normal and to be expected. Our doctor will discuss all the potential issues to keep in mind after the procedure, including infection control.

You can read more about the results, and how fast you can expect to see changes in the appearance of your hair after DHI in Turkey, below.

Please keep in mind that all patients are different and that you may see results faster or slower. The timeline presented below is an average one.

DHI hair transplant in Istanbul results

Are you interested in hair transplant in Turkey? Our team of experts reminds our patients that hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that yields the best results in time. As the American Society of Plastic Surgeons also reminds patients in general, it is useful to keep in mind that the hair transplant recovery goes through several stages:

  • 3 days: this is a minimum period during which you will be asked to refrain from extensive physical activities and will need to take care of the dressing of the transplanted area as indicated by your doctor who performed by the DHI hair transplant in Turkey;
  • 6 weeks: many patients will experience hair loss at or around this time; this is normal and part of the process;
  • 6 months: the hair that has previously fallen is slowly replaced by healthy hair, growing in the transplanted area;
  • 1 year: many patients will be able to enjoy their new, improved look one year after the DHI Turkey hair transplant surgery in Turkey.

If you would like to know more about DHI hair transplant in Turkey, please contact us for an initial appointment.

This type of procedure can also be used successfully for patients who have underwent other hair transplant methods in the past (like FUE or FUT) and have not obtained the desired results.

If the patient wishes to correct a FUE or FUT procedure performed within the last year or so, our team will analyze the case and decide when intervening for a corrective DHI implant is advisable.

As in the case of all of the other available types of hair transplant techniques, the goal of using the DHI procedure is to successfully restore the natural hair pattern in areas that have been affected by pattern baldness. This procedure, as recommended by an expert hair transplant surgeon such as the ones working in our clinic in Istanbul, has the potential to restore your self-confidence.

The hair transplant in Turkey cost is influenced by a number of factors, among which are the number of grafts and the technique used for the transplant. While similar to the FUE, direct hair transplantation is often preferred due to the fact that the hairs can be inserted at a more natural angle. This can mean that the final costs will be different, owing to the higher level of specialization.  

Our team will be happy to answer any additional questions and provide you with an initial assessment once you give us details about our case. We can help you better understand the procedure for DHI hair transplant in TurkeyContact us for more details.