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Donor Area Recovery after a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Donor Area Recovery after a Hair Transplant in Turkey

Content overseen by Doctor Costin Pasnicu who has over 7 years of experience in the medical field and has performed numerous successful surgeries. He graduated from the renowned University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest.

The donor area in hair transplantation is the area from which the hair follicles are extracted in order to be transplanted on the bald zones. The recovery of the donor area after a hair transplant depends largely on the hair transplant method that was used, the number of hairs extracted from it and on how each patient’s body responds to the extraction.

Recovery of the scars after a hair transplant in Turkey

In the case of Follicular Unit Transplant method, the donor strip varies in size conditioned by the number of grafts which have to be extracted. After the strip is taken away, the surgeon sutures the donor area to restore it. Because our doctors specialize in different suturing techniques, we firmly believe the best suturing to be the one which consists of only one running suturing line, which ensures an appropriate, secure closure without the risk of spreading of the scar for an appropriate donor area recovery after a hair transplant in Turkey.

Since a lot of our patients are travelling to Turkey for a hair transplant in Istanbul from other countries, we have adapted to utilize dissolvable sutures for all hair transplant operations. They are completely secure and they function more appropriately for patients with a tight scalp or who previously have undergone another hair transplant as they can leave the sutures in for an indefinite period of time without any complications. In time, these sutures simply dissolve by themselves, making the recovery of the donor area after a hair transplant in Turkey extremely short and simple.

Hair regrowth in the donor area after a hair transplant in Turkey 

Numerous patients would like to know whether the hair can grow back naturally in the donor areas after having a hair transplant done. The answer being, because complete hair follicles and the surrounding cells are entirely extracted from under the scalp surface, the hair will not be able to grow back in the donor area. The hair will only grow back in the zones where the hair follicles were not entirely extracted.

Nevertheless, because the surgeon extracts hair follicles only from the scalp area with the biggest thickness, the effect of the extraction is almost unnoticeable. The hair which remains in the area around the donor zone is thick enough to hide the spots where the excisions were effectuated.

When the scar is entirely healed after the recovery of the donor area after a hair transplant in Turkey, hair is expected to grow back from either side of the incision, and even through it under certain circumstances. That is why hair transplant surgeons wish to maintain the donor scar as thin as possible. 

However, if you do not want to be left with a linear scar along your head, you should consider the Follicular Unit Extraction method instead.

Also, for an adequate recovery of the donor area after a hair transplant in Turkey, the Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a great method which encourages hair re-growth.

Careful consideration offered to the recovery phase is a key aspect of the hair transplant Turkey results.

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