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Female Hairline Lowering Procedure

Female Hairline Lowering Procedure

Female hairline lowering procedure (also named scalp advancement or forehead reduction) is a surgical method effectuated in our clinic which enables a patient to have her frontal hairline brought forward a certain length depending on different conditions, like pre-op hairline height, scalp laxity and patient desires. The common female hairline midpoint that is considered the most attractive is generally five to six centimeters above a point situated between the top of the nose and the eyebrows. 

 Quick Facts  
 Who is the procedure suitable for? Persons who wish to change the aspect of their forehead. 

Minimum age 

Commonly after 20 years of age.

Maximum age 

 No age limit.

 Health considerations Diabetes and other diseases may pose certain health issues. Talking to our doctor will help in understanding both the possible medical issues, and the complications that may arise as in the case of any surgery.
 Causes of receding hairline in women

Traction alopecia, aging, certain hormonal changes, or genetics. 

 Pre-procedure medical evaluation

Performed by our team. We may ask you to send us pictures before your travel to Turkey. 

 Initial consult with our team

Takes place at our clinic in Turkey, usually a day before the procedure is scheduled. 

 Female hairline lowering procedure duration 

 Can last between 2 and 3 hours.

Hair transplant technique used for the procedure 

 Usually, the individual extraction of hair follicles is used (FUE technique).

 Post-procedure check-up  At our hair transplant clinic.
Post-hairline lowering care for the area 

 You may take over-the-counter pain medication to relieve pain and inflammation. Our team will give you details on how/when to clean the area, and other post-operative instructions (such as those for hair styling, or how fast you can resume your usual activities).

 Post-procedure hair growth timeline

2 weeks or so after surgery, it is common to see shedding; following this period, new hairs will start to grow; you will be enjoying the final results of the procedure within approx. 6 months. 

 How far in advance should you schedule

Reserving your procedure well in advance (3+ months) will also allow you to benefit from other lower costs, such as those for airplane tickets to Turkey. 

Traveling to Turkey 

We will help you schedule your arrival and departure dates to allow for plenty of time for the procedure and the pre- and post-intervention evaluations. 

Your stay in Turkey   If you wish, you can combine your medical travel to Turkey with a city-break in beautiful Istanbul.

What causes a receding hairline?

The causes of a receding hairline are multiple; however, each patient is unique, therefore each case will be treated accordingly in our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. Among the most common causes of a receding hairline, we mention the following:

  • age – as we get old it is natural for varioushair loss problems to appear and a receding hairline is one of the most common;
  • family history – most of the times a receding hairline is inherited from other family members;
  • hormonal imbalances or changes – if we suffer from any hormonal imbalance or change, a receding hairline can be one of its effects;
  • medication – another common cause for a receding hairline is a medication used for other conditions;
  • stress – stress is the modern people’s most common disease and, unfortunately, some of its unpleasant effects are hair loss and a receding hairline;
  • lifestyle – even it seems hard to believe, an unhealthy lifestyle can cause a receding hairline.

Androgenetic alopecia – the main cause of a receding hairline

According to a study conducted by the Journal of Investigative Dermatology and published by ScienceDirect.com, androgenetic alopecia is the main cause of a receding hairline. The study also indicates that:

  • men are more prone to this affliction, as 80% of European men are highly to suffer from a receding hairline;
  • also, the same category of European patients is expected to develop a receding hairline by the age of 80;
  • in women patients, fewer than 50% of the female population of the globe do not suffer from alopecia their whole lives;
  • receding hairline treatments can be as expensive as a hair transplant, considering in some cases, such treatments can cost up to 1,500 US dollars.

When dealing with a receding hairline it is not important to treat it temporarily but to seek solutions that offer permanent results. Through a hairline transplant operation in our clinic in Turkey, such results are permanent.

Receding hairline in men and women

Hair loss or alopecia is a common problem in both men and women nowadays, according to varied studies. If until not long ago, men were prone to such a condition, nowadays, women too experience receding hairline problems. Considering the causes are different in men and women, the medication treatment will also differ in men and women patients, which is why simply going to a drugstore and buying a shampoo will not render the desired results.

If caught up in time and treated, the receding hairline problem will also be delayed, which is why a stricter protocol, such as a hair transplant will usually represent the best alternative to expensive medicines. Even when medical treatment is not an expensive one, during time, patients will discover that they have spent significant amounts of money which they could have used for a receding hairline transplant.

In our clinic in Turkey, hairline transplants are quite common nowadays and the best surgical approach is through the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure, given the fact that the area to be treated is not very large.

FUE in hairline transplant in Turkey

FUE is one of the most modern and successful hair loss treatments in clinics all over the world. Turkey is known as one of the best and cheapest destinations for a hair transplant in the world, and in our clinic in Istanbul, patients can opt for this technique for a hairline transplant.

Most patients are convinced that FUE is usually used for complete scalp hair transplants, however, receding hairline problems are effectively treated this way. The first step our doctors complete in a hairline transplant is to match hairs from the donor area to those in the area they need to be transplanted, in our case, the hairline. This step is very important because of the receding hairline, which is usually around the temples, and thus very visible.

Then, the patient is administered local anesthesia in order for the hairs to be collected and implanted into the recipient area. The whole procedure can be completed in a few hours, considering this not an extensive surgery.

In most cases, the number of grafts to be transplanted in a hairline transplant is around 500, however, a smaller number of grafts could be required if the patients consider this solution before trying medication.

If you see the first signs of a receding hairline, do not hesitate to ask our hair transplant doctors about the available treatment schemes, as in our clinic in Istanbul we also offer low-laser therapy in such cases.

hairline lowering surgery turkey

The correct angle and direction of the hairline

The angle and direction of the transplanted hairs are two separate issues. Angle is defined by the degree of advancement to which direction the hair points when leaving the head. In order to render natural looking results for the hairline restoration in Turkey, it is imperative to observe the changes in direction as well as angle of the hairs located around the hairline. Hence, the following aspects must be taken into consideration:

•    The hair beside the frontal hairline is generally directed anteriorly and leaves the head at around 10-15 degree angle;

•    The hair beside the temporal hairline is directed more inferiorly to the ear and leaves the head at a very wide angle. 

We invite you to watch a video on the hairline lowering surgery in Turkey procedure:

Important issues to consider in a hairline restoration in Turkey

When undertaking a hair restoration, the most important aspects are to render natural looking results which combine well with the other facial features. The hair transplant surgeon in Turkey should consider the facial contour, sex, ethnicity, age, hair characteristics, wishes, expectations, the type of the selected donor hair, placement of the follicular unit micrografts and the entire technique used for the hair transplantation in order to achieve the most natural looking results possible. 

The hairline lowering procedure is a safe one when performed by a trained physician, such as our hair transplant doctors in Istanbul. There are no major risks or complications, however, as in any surgical procedure, the patient should expect a recovery period which include a follow-up visit to remove the stitching.

The type of anesthesia used for the hairline lowering surgery in Turkey procedure is a local one, therefore patients should not fear the risks that may be associated with general anesthesia. The hard transplant doctor from our team who will perform the procedure will talk you through the issues related to anesthesia. We work with trained physicians and anesthesiologists so you do not need to worry that this is an issue.

Our doctors can explain the procedure in more detail than presented in this article and will provide each patient with the post-surgery instructions needed to ensure the best possible recovery and results after the surgery. Some common indications or issues the patients will need to take into consideration are those related to the activities that are prohibited immediately after the procedure. These include avoiding intense massages of the area (rubbing the forehead), intense sport activities as well as some cosmetic products near or on the area of the incision. Patients may also be instructed to change their sleeping position (for example, try to maintain a 45 degree sleeping position for about two weeks following the surgery). Our doctor will explain these practical recommendations so that you may temporarily adjust our lifestyle to best suit the recovery.

The hair transplant cost in Turkey is lower compared to other countries due to the country’s generally lower labor and business costs. This allows our team to maintain low prices which attract many patients, including women who are interested in the hairline-lowering procedure. You can reach out to us for more information about the estimated costs and your available options.

How is the female hairline lowering procedure performed?

The hairline lowering procedure does not require hospitalization. Because the surgical intervention itself only it takes a couple of hours to complete, the client can be admitted to an outpatient regime (day care).  You will also need to take into consideration the time needed to fill in any remaining required paperwork as well as go through the final preparations for the intervention (our nurse will guide you through everything and will be at your side each step of the way). Once the nurse helps you prepare for surgery, our hair transplant doctor in Turkey will discuss with you any last details or will answer questions and he will start by marking the position for the new hairline. He may also take pre-surgery photographs during this stage.

The hairline lowering surgery in Turkey for women is begun by effectuating a non-repeating, unequal incision within the thin hairs of the anterior hairline. This incision dissects across the hair shafts, leaving though untouched the bulb of the hair follicle. This technique enables hair growth through the scar, which assists in hiding it. By effectuating these techniques, the hair transplant surgeons in Turkey attempt to generate a similar transition area as encountered in follicular unit grafting. The hairline, therefore, has a natural, undetectable appearance.

After the incision, the scalp is winched up all the way to the posterior side. To reduce bleeding, the Turkey hair transplant surgeon undertaking the procedure will utilize tumescence. Thorough undermining, which is an operation used to separate the scalp from the head muscles and supporting tissues to enhance elasticity, is effectuated at this point, being bloodless and quick. In the forehead, incision is effectuated to just below where the patient desires the hairline to reach. The scalp is afterwards pushed forward and the surplus hairless forehead skin is eliminated with an incision that is parallel to the oblique one.

The doctor will advance the hairline as much as possible without tensioning the skin. This means that the patient’s own characteristics, and age in some cases, will determine this level of flexibility. In practice, most hairline lowering procedures can allow for an advancement of 0,5 or 1 cm and in some cases up to 2 cm when the aforementioned flexibility allows.

Recovering from the hairline lowering procedure

After the hairline lowering surgery in Turkey, the cuts will be covered with a dressing. The stitched can dissolve, or they could be extracted by a physician in around one week’s time. The majority of patients take a short break from work and their normal activities of around a week, though they can get back to their usual activities after two to three days from the date of the operation. A certain degree of swelling and bruising could occur, in some cases even leading to “black eyes”. In case this happens, patients are advised to apply ice compresses to decrease swelling and discomfort. Doctors recommend that the head and neck are elevated and instructions on recovery are strictly respected. . Our doctor will tell you if you need to follow certain steps for caring for the area, however, you can resume washing your face and hair as needed as early as the next day (or as indicated by our doctor, should he recommend additional precautions).

Full recovery after hairline lowering surgery in Turkey can be expected in about six weeks after the procedure, however, this may take more in some cases. Therefore, our doctor will assess your recovery period after the first follow-up visit or later. Observing the instructions for avoiding any strain on the area (and intense exercise that may cause additional stress) is important. By following the indications offered by our hair transplant doctor you can make sure that you maximize the chances of obtaining the desired results, with no inconvenience from post-op complications that may arise should you fail to observe some of the most important steps (such as avoiding to rub the area and damaging the sutures). The post-op recovery phase is not complicated, however, it is reasonable for a cosmetic procedure of this type.

Our team will address any of your concerns before and after the procedure. We will explain each step as clearly as possible and each indication that you need to observe after surgery. Our goal is to ease any anxiety that may be in place given the fact that this is a simple surgical procedure. The outcome is safe and beneficial for all of our patients and many of those who have undergone this procedure have reported excellent recovery and results, and they were pleased with the overall hairline redesign.

The main advantages of the female hairline lowering surgery in Turkey procedure are the immediate and natural results after only a simple procedure (imagine that the hairs are moved in one motion to a new position that will enhance the overall facial features). Hair density can be easily adjusted as needed once the movement of the hairline is in place. You can discuss this with our hair transplant doctor who will decide to use the FUE technique in most cases – to continue to allow you to obtain the natural hair transplant in Turkey results you desire. This procedure can change your overall look. It can help boost self-esteem and allow you to live a more confident life.

Our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul are extremely experienced in effectuating hairline lowering surgeries in Turkeyfor numerous women. We invite you to contact us if you are interested to undergo this type of operation in our Turkey hair transplant clinic.