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FUE vs Strip Method for Hair Transplant in Turkey

FUE vs Strip Method for Hair Transplant in Turkey

Content overseen by Doctor Costin Pasnicu who has over 7 years of experience in the medical field and has performed numerous successful surgeries. He graduated from the renowned University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest

Two of the most common hair transplant methods in Turkey are the Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), also known as the donor strip technique, and the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Both techniques are modern and employed for years now, with very successful outcomes. Patients coming to our hair transplant clinic in Turkey can benefit from FUE and strip implants, based on their needs.

Below, we invite you to read a comprehensive comparison between the FUE and the strip or FUT hair transplant operations. If you are searching for the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, you should know that in our clinic in Istanbul, you can undergo a hair transplant operation through any of these methods, as our doctors are equally prepared in completing both types of procedures.

Common aspects of the FUE and FUT methods

The strip or FUT procedure was the first to appear as a breakthrough in hair transplant operations. Later on, the FUE method was developed starting from the strip method. This is why, even if more modern, FUE has various things in common with FUT.

The following aspects are common to the FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures:

  1. they both suit candidates who suffer from various conditions and affections of the scalp, caused by hair loss;
  2. in both surgeries, healthy grafts are collected the same way, the only difference being the larger size of the graft in the case of the FUT method;
  3. the donor and the recipient area are terms used in both procedures and the collection, respectively the implantation of the grafts must be made very carefully;
  4. in both the FUE and strip hair transplant the surgical team is made of several surgeons who use similar devices to collect and implant the hair follicles.

One of the important aspects to consider when having to choose between an FUE and strip hair transplant is that the patient alone cannot decide on the technique to be used. The procedure is chosen in collaboration with the surgeon based on the unique characteristics of the patient.

In our clinic in Turkey, both FUE and strip hair transplants are equally recommended and used by taking into consideration the features and expectations of patients. We have helped a wide variety of clients restore their looks, so in case you need for example an afro hair transplant in Turkey, our doctors are ready to help you.

What exactly do the FUT and FUE hair transplant methods in Turkey mean?

In FUT, the hair is extracted using a long, thin donor strip that is afterward divided into separate follicular units by using a special microscope. According to the International Society Hair Restoration Surgery, this method is the most performed procedure when it comes to hair transplants. 

In FUE, separate follicular unit grafts are extracted directly from the sides and the back of the scalp utilizing a special instrument. After the recent introduction of motorized and robotic FUE devices, a greater number of hair follicles can be successfully extracted in a single operational session, turning this hair transplant method in Turkey into a more attractive one for patients and surgeons. Moreover, the hair transplant cost in Turkey for this procedure is very low compared to other countries. In case you need other types of medical services, for example, dental services, we recommend our partner dental clinic in Romania – implant-dentar.co.

The donor area in FUE and FUT hair transplants

When comparing the FUE and the strip hair transplant, the main comparison is made between the donor area, the quality of the grafts and the recipient area. The main difference between FUE and FUT when it comes to the donor area resides in the place where the hair follicles are collected from. In the case of a FUT hair transplant, the hairs are usually collected for the mid-portion of the donor area, whereas in the FUE hair transplant, the donor area can be “scattered” on a wider area.

Because, the mid-portion of the donor area is more likely to offer strips of hair which never falls, in an FUE hair transplant, some of the hair follicles can be lost because they are harvested from areas in which the hair sheds.

Our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul can offer more information on how the donor area is selected in an FUE and strip hair transplant.

The graft quality in FUE and strip hair transplants in Turkey

When performing a hair transplant, the quality of the grafts is the most important. This is why the chances to collect healthier hair with a higher rate of survival when transplanted in the case of a strip hair transplant compared to an FUE transplant. This is possible because the hair follicles in the FUT transplant are collected from the permanent zone, unlike in the case of an FUE transplant operation.

Is it possible to use both FUE and strip hair transplants on the same patient?

This is one of the most frequent questions asked when considering the cost of a hair transplant in Turkey. The answer is yes, it is possible to first undergo a strip hair transplant in order to cover large areas with missing hair, followed by the FUE procedure which can be used to maximize the results and create a natural look.

The one thing that should be considered is that the surgeries must be performed separately and after the healing of the strip hair transplant is complete.

With a vast experience in the field of FUE and FUT operations, our hair transplant doctors in Istanbul can help patients choose the most suitable technique for their case.

FAQ about Follicular Unit Transplantation in Turkey

Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is one of the latest and most employed hair transplant methods in the world. Many people facing severe hair loss ask our doctors in Istanbul about this procedure and if they are suitable candidates for such a procedure. However, this is not the only question on FUT hair transplant, which is why our surgeons in Turkey have prepared a list with the most frequently asked questions on this hair transplant procedure.

We would also like to remind you that you can find many hair restoration solutions for your hair loss problems in our hair transplant clinic in Turkey.

1. What exactly is FUT?

FUT, also known as the donor strip method, consists of extracting a large piece from the scalp from the back of the head, creating thousands of naturally growing follicular unit groups (generally referred to as grafts). These grafts are then implanted into the bald zones of the scalp with small incisions. If properly effectuated, these incisions confer the transplanted hair follicles direction, angle, spacing, and depth so that the doctor can form and generate a hairline that looks natural.

2. What is the difference between FUT and other hair transplant procedures?

The main difference resides in the precision of the hair transplantation process, as Follicular Unit Transplantation is a high precision procedure. Apart from this, it can also be used for facial hair transplants, such as mustache, eyelash and eyebrow transplants. Also, the collection and manual dissection of each strip of hair ensure the survival and better quality of most of the grafts.

Follicular Unit Transplantation in Turkey

3. How do I know if I am the right candidate for a FUT hair transplant in Turkey?

In order to find out if the Follicular Unit Transplantation is the right type of procedure for your case, you should first come for an initial consult with our surgeons and they will tell if you can undergo such procedure.

4. How much does a FUT hair transplant operation cost?

The FUT hair transplant costs are usually influenced by the hair loss pattern which will determine the number of grafts you will need. Our hair transplant doctors in Turkey calculate the cost of such an operation based on the characteristics of the patient, which is why our prices are customized in accordance with the patient’s needs and particulars.

The method you and your doctor choose for the procedure will have an impact on the hair transplant price in Turkey. However, you can rest assured that our clinic has lower prices for the solutions we provide, compared with other European countries. You can talk more about the process, and receive an initial cost estimate, if you reach out to our team to schedule an appointment.  

5. Can I undergo a FUT hair transplant if I am a woman?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the FUT method and the answer is yes. Female patients too can benefit from this procedure.

6. Are there any special preparations I need to make before such a procedure?

Our doctors will explain the preparations you will need to make before such a procedure, based on your medical history. A hair transplant operation is not a heavy procedure which is why before it takes place you will only be subject to a few requirements.

We invite you to watch a concise video created by our hair transplant clinic in Turkey about the FUT method.

7. Is the FUT hair transplant completed under anesthesia?

Yes, local anesthesia will be administered before a hair transplant through the FUT method in Turkey.

8. What are the steps of the FUT hair transplant method?

There are several steps which need to be completed when undergoing a FUT hair transplant. These imply:

  •           establishing the donor and the recipient areas based on the similarity of the hair grafts;
  •           then, the donor area is prepared for the collection of the grafts to be implanted;
  •           the grafts are then harvested, and the viable ones are selected for the implant;
  •           the recipient area is then prepared – this procedure implies shaving and making small cuts into the skin where the new graft will be implanted;
  •           the harvested grafts are then implanted into the recipient area and the area will be covered.

Once the procedure is completed, our doctors will explain the post-operative care and procedures you will need to follow.

9. How long does a FUT hair transplant operation take?

The length of the procedure depends on the number of grafts which need to be implanted, so there is no precise timescale for a FUT hair transplant operation. There are cases in which the procedure is completed in a few hours, but there are also cases in which the procedure needs to be completed in two separate days.

10. Are there any side effects after a FUT hair transplant?

The only side effects you could have after a FUT operation are mild swelling of the recipient area, scalp pimples and scabbing are some of the most common ones. However, our surgeons will make the right recommendations for you to minimize these side effects.

11. How much do I need to stay in the hospital after a FUT hair transplant?

You are recommended to stay in the clinic at least one day after the hair transplant, but there are also cases in which the patient enters and leaves the clinic the same day. It all depends on how long the procedure takes.

12. How long before I see the first results of a FUT hair transplant?

You should wait at least one month before the first new hairs grow, however, the full results can be seen after approximately one year after the procedure.

Pros and cons of the FUT vs FUE hair transplant methods in Turkey

When it comes to comparing the two methods of hair transplant in Turkey, patients should ponder the following aspects:

FUT/Strip method in Turkey:

  •     Has lower costs of procedure;
  •     Requires shorter time of the operation (five to six hours);
  •     Has a shorter learning curve for the surgeon operating it;
  •     Leaves a linear scar in the donor area, which, if performed with care, can be invisible;
  •     It is a more invasive technique;
  •     Requires more skills from the surgeon who performs the microscopic dissection to make the most of the graft survival in order to achieve the desired outcome;
  •     Natural end results require an extremely qualified physician and team.

FUE technique:

  •     FUE is more expensive;
  •     The surgery itself lasts longer (between 10 to 12 hours);
  •     The physician needs to be more experienced in order to achieve the desired results;
  •     Patients have to cut their hair short;
  •     Because it does not imply a strip being cut from the donor area, it causes only extremely small unnoticeable scars that heal naturally without the need for stitches or bandages. 
  •     It necessitates a shorter recovery period of maximum one week until the patient is completely healed;
  •     It is less painful;
  •     Can use various donor areas like the chest, legs, and beard;
  •     It is more flexible, offering the possibility to rotate and reposition grafts when repairing a badly executed prior hair transplant;
  •     It can provide natural-looking results in facial hair transplants like eyebrows, beard and mustache transplantations.

FUE vs. FUT and science

According to a study published by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery:

  • the first strip method appeared under the form of plug hair transplants in the 1960’ies;
  • then, the FUT procedure was developed starting with the early 2000s;
  • FUE appeared in 2010 is now preferred by most patients undergoing hair transplants;
  • in 2017, 53% of the hair transplant operations were completed through FUE, while 44% through the FUT method;
  • 3% of all the persons undergoing a hair transplant benefited from a combined procedure.

To find out more about the pros and cons of the FUT and FUE hair restoration methods, please contact our hair transplant clinic in Turkey. For details about the hair transplant cost in Turkey for each of these procedures, we invite you to visit our article about the prices for hair transplants in Turkey. In case you need a facial transplant, such as an eyebrow transplant in Turkey, you can rely on our doctors.

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