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Graft Extraction Methods in Turkey

Graft Extraction Methods in Turkey

Content overseen by Doctor Costin Pasnicu who has over 7 years of experience in the medical field and has performed numerous successful surgeries. He graduated from the renowned University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest.

Hair transplantation can be achieved using the more traditional FUT method or the more recent FUE technique, the difference between the two being the graft extraction methods in Turkey used for each of them. With FUE, the grafts are harvested as individual follicular units using two different procedures, while the implantation method is the same as in FUT. 

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The two steps graft extraction method

This graft extraction technique in Turkey used in FUE implies two steps:

•    Firstly, a sharp punch is positioned over the hair follicles and aligned with the direction of the hair growth. This punch has to be handled carefully in order to avoid the root transection of the hair follicles. 
•    Secondly, the hair transplant surgeon in Turkey uses a special forceps to apply mild traction on the top of the follicular unit until it is extracted from the scalp. 

This method could vary from surgeon to surgeon.

The three steps graft extraction method in Turkey

In this FUE technique, the surgeon uses a blunt instrument to avoid damaging the follicles when separating them from the donor tissue. It consists of the following three steps:

•    Firstly, the physician uses a sharp punch to score the tissue;
•    After that, the punch dissects the follicular unit from the epidermis and dermis;
•    And lastly, the graft is held with forceps and extracted.

With this graft extraction procedure in Turkey, the follicle transection is avoided and intact follicular units are harvested more easily. 

Medical researchers assert that the three steps graft extraction method in Turkey is better than the two steps one because it avoids the follicular transection and it preserves better the follicular units, although it presents the need for greater experience and care from the surgeon undertaking the procedure.

Robotics in hair transplantation in Turkey

In the domain of FUE, there have been introduced certain advancements, among which are the robotics in hair transplant in Turkey. Robots present certain benefits and often exceed and improve the human abilities. Their precision and repeatability could reach the sub-millimeter level. Robots can be optimized to achieve duties with a high degree of precision at fast speeds, automatically and continuously, growing therefore the productivity and efficacy. In the medical world, efforts are being made in order to develop these robotics for hair restorations and it is likely that they will be available for general patient use in the imminent future. 

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