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Hair Transplant Dense Packing

Hair Transplant Dense Packing

The hair restoration methods available these days are many and are quite advanced, which is why those who want to undergo such procedure have where to choose from. They can opt for non-invasive procedures such as scalp micro pigmentation which does not secure permanent results but is a good start for a future hair transplant or can go directly for a hair transplantation procedure through one of the methods available.

The most employed technique in our hair transplant clinic in Turkey is the Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE method which was used to obtain remarkable results on patients suffering from severe hair loss. One of the branches of the FUE method is the high-density implant, also known as dense packing transplant.

Our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul can perform dense packing implants on patients in search of modern hair restoration procedures.

The number of grafts used for the procedure will influence the hair transplant cost in Turkey. This is a cost that should be taken into account by patients who are considering dense packing. Our hair transplant experts will give you information about the density required to achieve the desired results. You can always discuss with us beforehand, and make sure that you understand the procedure.

What is a dense packing hair transplant?

In simple words, dense packing can be defined as a thickening method which is used to achieve a high density of the hairline of a patient undergoing a hair transplant in Turkey.  This procedure is usually employed on male patients suffering from mild hair loss. However, those suffering from severe hair loss can also benefit from this procedure, but more hair transplants should be performed in order to obtain a highly-dense hairline.

Determining the eligibility for a dense packing hair transplant in Turkey

In order to make sure a patient is eligible to undergo the dense packing procedure, one should come to our clinic in Istanbul where:

  •           our doctors will take them through an initial consult and see if they can undergo a hair transplant;
  •           the density of their hair will be measured with the help of an electronic microscope;
  •           the diameter of the hair shaft will also be measured by our surgeons;
  •           the ethnicity of the patient will also be established, as it is very important in such a procedure.

In order to be able to make a comparison, it should be noted that through the FUE method, our doctors can implant an average of 50 to 60 grafts which is the equivalent of a little over 100 hairs per square centimeter. When using the dense packing technique, the number of hair grafts implanted can grow up to three times.

Our surgeons in Turkey can advise patients who suffer from hair loss on the best procedures they can benefit from in order to obtain the desired results. If they are good candidates for dense packing, our doctors will explain them the procedure step-by-step.

Factors that can influence a dense packing hair transplant

Before deciding on the best hair transplant technique, the patient will undergo a full consult, where both the donor area and the recipient area will be closely inspected. The major problem which could lead to not using dense packing is the lack of donor hairs. Because of a large number of hairs that need to be transplanted during dense packing, our doctors could first recommend hair thickening medication.

As mentioned above, the ethnicity of the patient is also important when interested in dense packing. This is because on people with curly hair, for example, this procedure could be somehow difficult to employ. On the other side, people with fair hair colors make the ideal patients for dense packing. Also, patients with thin hair make excellent candidates for the dense packing technique.

If dense packing is not the right procedure for a patient, our hair transplant doctors in Istanbul will make sure to provide patients with sufficient information about other techniques more suitable to their needs and which, of course, render the same great results.

The benefits of dense packing in our hair transplant clinic in Turkey

Dense packing offers great results, which is the most important benefit of this procedure. It also allows for customized procedures for different parts of the patient’s head and will help them obtain the right density along the hairline. This procedure also implies an improved distribution of the hair grafts on the hair and thus leading to more natural-looking results.

The results of dense packing are some of the greatest, especially for people who need to undergo more than one hair transplant or who have a balding pattern that is hard to conceal. Also, dense packing can be used during an ordinary hair transplant through the FUE method.

In order to determine if you are a good candidate for dense packing, we invite you to contact us for a consult in our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. We will provide you with specialized hair transplant services which will be personalized according to your needs and type of hair loss pattern.