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Hair Transplant in Turkey: Harvesting

Hair Transplant in Turkey: Harvesting

Content overseen by Doctor Costin Pasnicu who has over 7 years of experience in the medical field and has performed numerous successful surgeries. He graduated from the renowned University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest.

Hair transplant has become an ordinary procedure nowadays. One of the most popular hair transplant destinations in the world is Turkey, where those in search of such procedures can find competitive prices for the latest techniques used to deliver the best results.

Hair transplants must follow specific steps in order to be successful. In our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, clients will benefit from the best care in pre and post-op phases of the procedure. One of the most important phases is harvesting of the hair follicles.

Below, our surgeons explain how the harvesting phase in a hair transplantation unfolds.

Hair harvesting techniques in Turkey

There are three types of harvesting techniques which can be used for a hair transplant in Turkey. These are:

  •           round graft harvesting which is the oldest and less used technique in our days;
  •           strip harvesting which  implies removing strips of hair with the help of a scalpel;
  •           follicular unit transplantation (FUT) which is the latest harvesting technique.

The surgeon will decide on the best harvesting procedure based on the characteristics of the patient.

The main steps in the harvesting process for a hair transplant in Turkey

Once a person has decided on a hair transplant, he or she must have the discussion with one of our doctors in Turkey and come in for a preliminary evaluation. If they make good candidates for such procedure, they will undergo a series of tests and then the hair transplant process can begin.

In order to start the harvesting procedure, our surgeons will:

  •           the pattern of the hair loss must be established in order to know what procedure will work best;
  •           evaluate the head of the patient and see where the best hair follicles can be collected from;
  •           the technique used for harvesting the hair must also be established before the process begins;
  •           the donor site is prepared by our surgeons and the patient is wheeled into the operating room.

The best donor sites for a hair transplant are usually the scalp, the neck, the back of the head and the place above the ears. Once the donor site is established and the patient is anesthetized, the harvesting process can begin.

If the donor area is insufficient for satisfactory harvesting, additional procedures or secondary donor areas may be needed. This means that the hair transplant Turkey price will be higher, compared to the situation in which the initial donor area would have provided all of the needed grafts for the procedure. You can find out more about these costs by reaching out to our team.

For detailed information on how the harvesting process unfolds, please contact our Turkey hair transplant surgeons. At our clinic you can benefit from a wide range of hair restoration services, from regular hair transplants to hairline lowering surgeries in Turkey.