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How to Compare Hair Transplant Costs Between Countries

How to Compare Hair Transplant Costs Between Countries

Turkey is without a doubt one of the most sought countries on the map of medical tourism, especially when it comes to hair transplants. Most of the times, people will research not only the hair transplant procedures offered by clinics but the overall costs of such an operation, which can include the travel and accommodation expenses. These can have a significant impact on the future patient’s decision when choosing the country in which he or she can have a hair transplant.

The hair transplant cost in Turkey is lower compared to that in other countries not for lack quality services. On the contrary, the clinics in Turkey that offer these types of services follow high medical standards and offer quality solutions to their clients. By reaching out to our team you can easily receive a price estimate, depending on your situation and the extent of the transplant procedure.

Below, we have prepared a small guide on how to compare hair transplant costs between the countries which are usually sought by persons. Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey can provide you with information on the costs of such a procedure in our clinic in Istanbul.

Brief comparison between hair transplant costs in Turkey and other countries

The first and most important cost when choosing to undergo a hair transplant is the price of the procedure, of course. While there are many countries in which hair transplant clinics offer similar procedures, it is ultimately the patient’s decision on which clinic they will have the surgery.

Thailand and Japan are Asia’s most renowned countries when it comes to hair transplants, while in Europe the UK, Denmark, and Norway are countries which offer top quality services in the hair transplant sector, not to mention the United States of America when it comes to excellence centers. However, the prices in these countries will start at an average 3,000 USD/EUR, compared to Turkey where the average cost of a hair transplant operation is around 2,500 USD/EUR.

When comparing the costs of a hair transplant operation, the patient should consider the following:

  1.           the procedure used for the surgery – FUE and FUT are the most obvious choices of most patients who come to our chair transplant clinic in Istanbul;
  2.           the number of grafts to be implanted will determine the exact cost of the hair transplant procedure;
  3.           other medical procedures which could be used in order to define the results of the operation;
  4.           the post-operative care which can also incur certain costs, depending on the procedure employed;
  5.           other medication which can be prescribed by the medical team who performed the operation.

It should be noted that the Follicular Unit Transplant procedure is usually cheaper than the Follicular Unit Extraction procedure.

We invite you to our hair transplant clinic in Turkey for an initial consult and a personalized treatment scheme.

Travel expenses for a hair transplant

Another important aspect related to the costs of a hair transplant is dictated by the travel expenses. From this point of view, Turkey is definitely a winner because of its geographical location. Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it is simple to arrive in Turkey from both continents. It is also easier to get here even from North and South America.

With a great infrastructure and large airports through which tens of thousands of visitors travel every year and connections to almost every country in the world, patients can find direct flights to Istanbul if they want to have a hair transplant in Turkey.

Compared to Turkey, it is harder to find direct flights to Asian countries, such as China and Malaysia, or even to small European countries, such as Austria or Greece.

If you are interested in a hair transplant in Turkey, you can come to our clinic in Istanbul for excellent services.

Accommodation costs for a hair transplant operation

Accommodation is a must when choosing to have a hair transplant. From this point of view, Turkey offers some of the best conditions in the world because most of the clinics offering hair transplant services are located in touristic resorts, meaning the patient can book a vacation during which he or she can undergo a hair transplant.

Tips on how to choose the country for a hair transplant

Those who are planning a trip to undergo a hair transplant should consider the following tips if they want to minimize the costs:

  •           start researching more countries and then narrow down the searches to maximum three countries;
  •           once decided on the country, contact the clinic you are interested in and ask for details;
  •           the appointment of the surgery should be made a few months before in order to obtain good prices for the flight;
  •           when it comes to accommodation, you will need a few days during which the consult and the operation will take place;
  •           choose a country in which you have some sightseeing to do, as the hair transplant operation is not invasive.

We recommend Turkey for a hair transplant because of the cheap accommodation, the direct flights from almost any part of the world and because of the lower average costs of a hair transplant using modern techniques, so contact us now and book your appointment.