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Implanter Pen in Turkey

Implanter Pen in Turkey

Implanting donor grafts is an essential stage of hair transplants in Turkey – it is the one which regulates the natural direction of hair growth. Graft implantation can be executed nowadays by using a more innovative method which utilizes a revolutionary new instrument called implanter pen. The implanter pen utilization in Turkey avoids the preventable trauma caused by the incisions, helping to insert the grafts directly into the recipient area in one step.

What is the Choi Implanter pen?

The Choi implanter is commonly considered the original implanter pen instrument, originating from the Kyungpook National University (KNU) in Korea. It is a device similar to a pen with an empty needle at one end. A technician initially inserts a donor hair graft into the empty needle, then he or she hands the loaded implanter to a hair transplant doctor, who utilizes an advanced method to insert the needle in the tissue at a certain degree, similarly with that of the natural hair growth. The graft is transplanted into the scalp by applying pressure on the other end of the implanter pen, which is afterwards taken out, leaving the graft securely implanted into the tissue. The same procedure is repeated for each graft separately.

Why use the implanter pen in Turkey?

Because the implanter pen in Turkey removes the need to generate incisions during transplantation, this method minimizes the bleeding and recovery time. Furthermore, the device in fact reduces the risk of destructing the graft during the transplantation, therefore the rate of hair survival and regrowth after the hair transplant is remarkably higher. 

The implanter pen in Turkey enables our team to attain importantly superior results in facial hair transplantations. It allows our experienced hair transplant doctors in Turkey to securely implant grafts between existing hairs as well, rendering a better flexibility, without having to trim the hair on the recipient skin.

The hair transplant cost in Turkey depends on the technique chosen by the patient, with the help of the their transplant doctor. If you would like to know how the price differs for an implanter pen, compared to using other techniques such as the follicular-unit transplant, sometimes called the strip procedure. We know that our clients have questions about the costs, so do not hesitate to contact us.

With a mixture of positive characteristics, the Choi implanter pen in Turkey represents an superior technique for a hair transplant