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Medical Micro Pigmentation in Turkey

Medical Micro Pigmentation in Turkey

Medical micro pigmentation in Turkey, also known as medical tattooing, is a relatively new hair restoration technique to apply permanent color into the tissue. It is a quite artistic and specialized procedure consisting of inserting an organic pigment under the skin to create a permanent and natural outcome. 

 Quick Facts  
Medical micro pigmentation procedure Applying organic pigment to the scalp to create a permanent and natural-looking outcome.

Recommended in case

– patient not suitable for hair transplant,

– no donor area for transplant,

– if used along with other hair transplant procedures,

– patient does not wish a transplant, etc.

Restriction for procedure

If the patient is allergic to pigment substances.

Local anesthesia (YES/NO)


Procedure steps

– consultation,

– scalp preparation,

– pigment selection,

– application of pigment

Procedure duration

3-5 hours (approx.)

Combination with hair transplant procedures

Recommended to provide more density to areas with sparse hair.

Post-op recommendations

– follow doctor's instructions,

– apply ointments,

– avoid sun exposure,

– avoid swimming, etc.

Permanent results

Medical scalp micro pigmentation is not a permanent procedure;

Hair transplant is recommended for permanent results.


Minimal for most patients, with the primary concern being minor redness or irritation on the scalp immediately following the procedure.

Suitable pacients

– patients with alopecia,

– patients with chemotherapy-related hair loss,

– women with hormonal conditions,

– patients with thin hair, etc.

Medical scalp micro pigmentation costs

Lower than the hair transplant cost in Turkey. Our team can provide more details.

Color persistence

Pigment may fade slightly in the first few weeks;

Lifestyle factors can influence the color intensity on long-term.

Benefits of medical scalp micro pigmentation

– non-invasive procedure,

– budget-friendy procedure,

– immediate results,

– natural appearance,

– minimum side effects, etc.

How can our Turkey hair transplant clinic help

Our doctors can perform scalp micro pigmentation, as well as other hair transplant procedures.

When is medical micro pigmentation recommended?

Even if our surgeons in Turkey specialize in hair transplants, there are also situations when such a procedure cannot be performed. In such cases, our doctors will make other recommendations which will suit the expectations of the patient and will render the natural looks sought by anyone looking to resolve the problem of hair loss. Among these procedures, there is also micro pigmentation which usually works very well on the scalp.

Scalp micro pigmentation in Turkey is usually recommended in the following situations:

  •           when the condition of the patient is not compatible with a hair transplant;
  •           when the patient does not have sufficient hair on the donor area;
  •           when the patient first wants to see how a hair transplant would look like;
  •           when the patient does not want to take radical measures, such as a hair transplant;
  •           micro pigmentation can also be used together with another hair restoration procedure.

Scalp micro pigmentation can be used during a hair transplant procedure in order to enhance the looks of the patient and to offer the sensation of a denser hairline.

How do I know that micro pigmentation is the best option for me?

Micro pigmentation is recommended for all the patients experiencing mild or severe hair loss and restrictions apply only if the patient is allergic to any of the substances used when tattooing the bald area.

In order to establish if a patient is a good candidate for a hair transplant in Turkey or for micro pigmentation, an initial consult is required. During the discussion with the doctor, the patient will be asked to explain their needs and expectations and will decide together with one of our surgeons the best treatment. It is also possible for the patient to be recommended to combine the hair transplant with micro pigmentation for better results.

In our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, patients can benefit from the latest hair restoration procedures, among which the Follicular Unit Extraction – FUE – method, but also micro pigmentation procedures.

Medical scalp micro pigmentation in Turkey

Medical scalp micro pigmentation in Turkey represents the latest development in non-surgical hair restoration for men and women who suffer from hair loss. The treatment involves the application of natural pigments on the scalp skin which reproduces the natural appearance of hair follicles or aspects, depending on the expected outcome and the degree of hair loss. 

Our  team of professionals who are qualified in this technique is careful to follow the natural growth line of the hair pattern, which does not always naturally develop in the same direction. They are also aware that hairs can grow in various shades, therefore they utilize different pigment shades in order to create the most natural looking aspect. 

This procedure can be performed for all types of hair loss, on all ages, skin types and colors and it can help both men and women regain their confidence by restoring the appearance of their hair.

Who undertakes scalp micro pigmentation in Turkey?

Scalp micro pigmentation in Turkey is different from a regular tattoo in the sense that it very much depends on the type and degree of hair loss. The hair transplant professionals in Istanbul who undertake such procedures are medically trained to diagnose hair loss and to recognize hair patterns. Besides, the devices and pigments used for medical scalp micro pigmentation differ a lot from those utilized for regular tattoos. The skin of the head is very different from that of other zones of the body, requiring special medical qualification and training. 

Color persistence

Our hair transplant doctors in Turkey are able to perform medical micro pigmentation with natural-looking results. In the first few weeks after the procedure, however, it is expected for the pigment to slightly fade. Also, in the course of a lifetime, depending on the patient’s lifestyle, exposure to sunlight, age, products used for washing and others, the color of the medical scalp micro pigmentation might decrease in intensity. 

The micro pigmentation procedure explained by our hair transplant doctors in Turkey

Our surgeons often ask about what micro pigmentation implies and how this procedure is completed. Below, our doctors explain how micro pigmentation is completed:

  •           first of all, micro pigmentation is a non-invasive method compared to a hair transplant procedure;
  •           it implies injecting a special ink, called pigment, under the skin of the patient who will be under anesthesia;
  •           the pigment will be matched to the rest of the hair of the patient in order to have good results;
  •           during the first days after the micro pigmentation, the color of the pigment can fade a little;
  •           micro pigmentation is usually employed on the scalp of patients who come to our clinic;
  •           this procedure can be used for both male and female patients suffering from hair loss;
  •           micro pigmentation can be used in mild and severe hair loss cases.

If you have any more questions on micro pigmentation, our hair transplant surgeons can offer detailed information on this procedure and many others.

How long does micro pigmentation take?

Micro pigmentation does not take long, however, there is no precise timeframe our doctors can forward. Patients will first need to come in for an initial consult and then, during the second visit, the procedure can be completed.

Patients can use micro pigmentation before undergoing a hair transplant, therefore this could only represent an intermediary step in completing a more complex hair restoration procedure. As a matter of fact, micro pigmentation is usually a bridge to a hair transplant because just like in a tattoo, the pigment will fade in time and a new intervention will be required. This is also the downside of this procedure: it is not permanent compared to a hair transplant.

The video below provides more details about hair micro pigmentation:

The costs of micro pigmentation in our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul

Micro pigmentation is cheaper than a hair transplant, however, the costs can only be established upon the patient’s first visit with us. These costs can be influenced by the area where the procedure is needed, but also by the size of that area. The cost of a micro pigmentation procedure can also depend on the type of pigment used.

Considering micro pigmentation is temporary, the costs of future interventions should also be considered when undergoing such a procedure.

When medical micro pigmentation is used during the treatment, the overall hair transplant cost in Turkey will be higher. However, this may be required for some patients for which a single FUE or FUT procedure will not yield the desired results. Our doctor will give you more details about the options and the prices, which remain low compared to other countries.  

If you are interested in a specific hair restoration method, do not hesitate to ask our surgeons about it. We can assist patients in need of hair transplants, but also scalpmicro pigmentation in Turkey, in accordance with their budget and expectations.

Combine Scalp MicroPigmentation and FUE hair transplant

scalp micropigmentation and FUE hair transplant in Istanbul represent two great treatments for patients who suffer from hair loss and want to restore the looks of their hair. 

Description of the two methods explained by our Turkey hair transplant physicians

Scalp micropigmentation represents a non-surgical hair loss treatment option which utilizes natural pigments. These pigments are applied on the epidermis level of the head to confer the appearance of hair follicles or strands. This hair loss treatment offers extremely natural looking outcomes which resemble the natural patterns of any hair by applying several layers of pigment and varying their angle and depth.

An FUE hair transplant in Turkey is a hair restoration method which has become extremely popular for both male and female patients. This method is the only permanent solution for hair loss. The procedure itself takes several hours and the patients may experience a bit of redness afterwards, minor swelling and scabbing at the places where the hair was transplanted. These side effects, however, disappear in about one week.

Can these two methods be combined by our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey?

scalp micropigmentation in Istanbul treatment can be successfully be combined with a FUE hair transplant method. This combination can confer more density for a sparse looking head. The hair follicles which have been transplanted in an FUE surgery might not be enough to cover the entire bald area.

Therefore, by using a scalp micropigmentation, our hair transplant physician in Istanbul could offer the appearance of more volume.Another benefit of this combination is the fact that it is able to confer flat, two- dimensional pigments with a three-dimensional feel of the real hair.

The two treatments combined look so natural that it is expected to confer the feel of a recently shaved hair. Before having scalp micropigmentation in Istanbul, though, it is necessary to determine the type of baldness a patient is experiencing. 

​FAQ about Scalp Micropigmentation in Turkey

Micropigmentation is currently used in various medical procedures; however, many patients are reluctant to this process as they don’t know what it exactly implies and how it is used. This is why our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey have prepared a small Q&A guide about scalp micropigmentation

Below, you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on scalp micropigmentation. Before that, we would like to let you know that we offer a wide range of medical services, among which hair transplants and micropigmentation are just two of them.

1. Is scalp medical pigmentation a procedure that can be done in a hair transplant clinic?

Yes, it is. Considering scalp micropigmentation in Istanbul is done for cosmetic purposes, it is done in our hair transplant clinic in Turkey where the comfort of the patient comes first.

2. Does scalp micropigmentation hurt?

Scalp micropigmentation is not a painful procedure, however, for the comfort of the patient a local anesthetic can be applied.

3. Are the pigments used in scalp micropigmentation in Istanbul toxic?

No, the pigments used in such a procedure are not toxic.

4. How long does the procedure take?

The procedure can take from 3 to 5 hours, however, certain the time depends on the needs of the patient. Also, some patients could require more than one session. This is usually determined during the initial consult.

5. Do I need to take extra measures after scalp micropigmentation?

Yes, you will need to take some precautions after a scalp micropigmentation in Istanbul procedure, such as applying ointments which will reduce the discomfort in the tattooed area.

6. Will the result of scalp micropigmentation be natural?

Yes, scalp micropigmentation in Islanbul offers very natural-looking results.

7. Are the results of scalp micropigmentation permanent?

No, unfortunately, they are not. This is why after undergoing scalp micropigmentation you could consider a hair transplant.

8. How long does it take for me to recover after such a procedure?

You will not need any recovery time after such a procedure.

Please let us know if you need to know more about medical micro pigmentation in Turkey or if you desire to make an appointment for this type of hair restoration procedure.

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