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NeoGraft for Hair Transplant in Turkey

NeoGraft for Hair Transplant in Turkey

NeoGraft is a device used to perform a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant. It is a surgical instrument held by hand which harvests follicular units from the donor site and implants them on the recipient site through an air-pressure/suction based system. The device is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. The instrument is partly automated, though it does not represent a robotic system.     

How does NeoGraft for hair transplant in Turkey work?

The NeoGraft device for hair transplant in Turkey benefits from more than a decade of improvement and development of speed, accurateness and delicacy. The instrument has a harvesting hand piece called a “collector” utilized to aspire the FUE grafts and another one called an “implanter”. Expert automated centers can extract with precision between 600 to 900 FUE hair grafts in an hour, without causing a linear scar.

Pros and cons of the NeoGraft device for hair transplants in Turkey

The NeoGraft device has the following advantages:

•    It is safe, minimally invasive and it represents a relatively minor operation;
•    It presents minimal bleeding and less complications compared to the traditional hair transplant method (Follicular Unit Transplantation);
•    It carries minimal discomfort, there is no scalpel incision, there are no sutures, no linear scarring and it allows a rapid recovery.

On the other hand, this device could have the following cons:

•    It is a dermal punch drill held by hand by an experienced hair transplant surgeon in Turkey which is activated by a foot pedal, being prone to operator variability and quite high hair damage rates;
•    The grafts could get damaged while being handled, or they could get dry which may compromise their survival.

In conclusion, even though the device has been heavily marketed around the world, it is crucial to be operated by an experienced Turkey hair transplant surgeon and a medical team with years of practice and strong skills. Every patient is different, having particular needs and cosmetic objectives. The NeoGraft device is definitely a hair transplant instrument in Istanbul which has to be operated by knowledgeable and experienced surgeons in order to render quality, natural looking results.

If you would like to undergo an FUE or FUT hair transplant and need details about the hair transplant cost in Turkey, our team can give you more details. It is understandable that many patients wish to know more about the costs before they commit to the procedure, and in some cases, the costs can even influence the decision on the implant technique selected by the patient. Do not hesitate to contact our Turkish doctors for more information.