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Post-Operative Care for Hair Transplant Patients in Turkey

Post-Operative Care for Hair Transplant Patients in Turkey

Content overseen by Doctor Costin Pasnicu who has over 7 years of experience in the medical field and has performed numerous successful surgeries. He graduated from the renowned University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Carol Davila” Bucharest.

A hair transplant is a delicate operation. It is essential to follow post-operative care instructions for hair restoration in Turkey in order to safeguard the adequate healing and growth of the transplant. Please read the following instructions with a detailed description of the post-operative care.

General advice for post-op care in Turkey 

After a hair transplant in Turkey, it is important to follow these directions:

•    Right after the hair transplant operation, the patient should go home and rest, with as little activity as possible, until the following morning;
•    To accelerate the decrease of the swelling, the patient should sleep with his head elevated at a 45 degree angle in the following one to three nights after the transplant;
•    The use of any products which contain aspirin or alcohol should be avoided for three to five days after the surgery.

Bleeding after the hair transplant in Turkey

In case there is any bleeding the night following the operation or even a few days later, it can be stopped most of the time by applying a firm, steady pressure over the bleeding skin for 15 minutes. Do not try to look and see if the bleeding still occurs before these 15 minutes are up. The applied pressure should be firm, however gentle in the same time, in order not to dislodge the grafts.

Pain after the hair transplant in Turkey 

Some patients experience pain in the first one to two nights after the hair transplant surgery in TurkeyYour physician will prescribe the correct medication for pain control. Use it as directed and only if needed.

Taking care of the wounds after the hair transplant in Turkey

Immediately after the surgery, you will be provided with a kit that contains:

•    A spray bottle that contains a sterile saline liquid which has to be used in the following three days after the operation;
•    An ointment that should be applied on the recipient area in the back twice a day, to keep the area from drying out;
•    A sterile gauze to be used in case there is any light bleeding in the next few days after the operation.

Our hair transplant specialists in Istanbul will keep in contact with you to check if you need further care. We will also give you detailed information about what to expect as far as the hair transplant Turkey results are concerned.

Physical activity and work after a hair transplant in Turkey

When it comes to physical activity and work, you should follow these post-operative care instructions for hair transplant patients in Turkey:

•    Do not engage into heavy work or sports for one week after the surgery;
•    Do not do any weight lifting, heavy lifting or swimming in chlorinated water for 10 to 14 days after the surgery;
•   Some patients get back to light work the day after the operation, although most of them would rather take at least two or three days off. Because there is a certain possibility of swelling and crusting after the transplant, some patients would rather take one week off after the operation. However, crusts will normally fall off seven to ten days after the operation.

It is only natural to want to know more about the hair transplant Turkey cost before you decide to undergo any hair transplant procedures. Our team knows that patients weigh in on the technique and number of procedures based on this criteria and we can offer you a cost estimate once one of our doctors forms a first impression on your case, after an initial consultation.

Our hair transplant doctors in Istanbul can provide you further information on the post-operative care.