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Sideburn Transplant in Turkey

Sideburn Transplant in Turkey

Persons interested in changing or improving their appearance have several options, among which hair transplants are the most common nowadays. As medicine has evolved a lot, so has the cosmetic surgery industry and this made hair transplants become quite popular. The patients stepping into our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul can opt for various types of hair transplant operations, the latest procedure being sideburn transplants.

Sideburn transplant is one of the most effective ways of improving one’s image at an affordable price and with permanent results.

Below, our hair transplant doctors in Turkey explain how a sideburn transplant operation takes place. If you think a sideburn transplant can help you, our doctors invite you into our modern clinic for a consult and for scheduling the operation.

What does a sideburn transplant imply?

Even if the sideburns are not the most important part of a person’s face, their lack can represent a problem for some individuals. A sideburn transplant in our clinic in Turkey can restore a person’s confidence and looks through a procedure which implies the restoration of the sideburns area.

Some people may lack sideburns altogether, others may have thin or spotty sideburns or others can suffer from alopecia which affects their sideburns. No matter the problem, the solution is to have a sideburn transplant in our clinic in Istanbul.

The sideburn transplant implies the same steps as any other hair restoration procedure completed in our hair transplant clinic in Turkey. These steps are:

  1.           the patient will first be invited into our clinic for an initial evaluation and for choosing the right approach;
  2.           once the sideburn transplant procedure is scheduled, the patient will be prepared for the operation;
  3.           the donor area will then be established and the hairs from it will be collected for the transplant;
  4.           the recipient area will then be prepared by shaving it and by putting an anesthetic to numb the area;
  5.           the transplant operation will imply making small incisions into the sideburn area where the grafts will be implanted.

The procedures used for a sideburn transplant are the Follicular Unit Extraction and the Follicular Unit Transplantation, which are commonly used in other procedure such as beard and mustache transplants.

Our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey can explain in detail the steps of a sideburn transplant operation.

The hair transplant cost in Turkey only for sideburns will be lower compared to a FUE or DHI procedure performed for a large portion of the scalp. Nonetheless, our doctor will take into account your overall look when indicating this type of transplant and, if needed, he will give you more information on the options you have for a complete and satisfactory look change.  

The donor and the recipient areas in a sideburn transplant in Turkey

The donor area is the part of the body from where the grafts are collected in order to perform the sideburn transplant surgery. Most the times, the donor area is the back of the head or the nape, as the hairs here are a better match for those on the sideburn areas. However, our hair transplant doctors will decide on the best donor area depending on the characteristics of each patient.

Once the donor area is established, our surgeons will start preparing the recipient area which will be shaved (where possible) and create the zone in which the grafts will be implanted with the help of a marker pen. The patient will decide together with the doctor on the length and the width of the sideburns before the procedure starts.

Once the sideburns are designed, our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul will start the actual procedure, which will first imply the collection of the hairs to be transplanted.

It should be noted that most of the times, hairs can be collected from both the nape and other parts of the body.

Facial hair transplants in Turkey

According to our surgeons, most patients coming for a facial hair transplant in Turkey will usually choose to undergo several procedures at the same time, meaning they will opt for sideburn, beard, and mustache hair transplant procedures at the same time.

Considering the time dedicated for each procedure is reduced, it is possible for a patient to opt for two procedures at the same time. This is way, the patient will obtain that natural look we all want.
In order for patients to understand how a facial hair transplant can be performed, we have made a comparison between three of the most common operations: sideburnbeard and mustache transplants in the table below:

TransplantNo. of graftsDuration Technique
Sideburns200-300 up to 2 hours FUE or FUT
Mustache350-500 up to 2 hours FUE or FUT
Beard600-900 up to 3 hours FUE or FUT

We invite you into our hair transplant clinic in Turkey for detailed information on how a sideburn transplant can help you restore your look. Please contact us for a personalized offer for a sideburn or hair transplant in Turkey.