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The Importance of Graft Depth in Hair Transplantation

The Importance of Graft Depth in Hair Transplantation

Hair transplant operations have become quite popular in our days and the techniques used by our doctors in Turkey lead to very good and natural-looking results on patients who decided to come to our clinic.

When it comes to the successful results of such an operation, there are a few important aspects which need to be considered, among them being the quality of the transplanted grafts, but also the depth at which they are placed.

Graft depth in a hair transplant in Turkey is of maximum importance as it can render the sought results by both the patient and the surgeon who wants to make sure he has done a good job.

Below, our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey explain the importance of graft depth and how to achieve the correct depth when performing such operation.

Graft depth is important for a natural look in a hair transplant in Turkey

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the main goal of a hair transplant is obtaining natural look and, why not, even better results than what the patient was accustomed to. In order to succeed that, our surgeons in Istanbul take into account several factors which will help them offer the best results to patients. Among these are:

  •           using the best technique in accordance with the hair loss pattern of the patient;
  •           ensuring the hairs in the donor are compatible with the patient’s recipient area;
  •           ensuring the correct preparation of both the donor and recipient areas;
  •           the depth of the incision where the graft will be inserted is the correct one.

The last step – ensuring a correct depth of the graft – is one of the most important steps when performing a hair transplant in Istanbul. By making a deep incision, the surgeon will make sure that the new graft is strong enough to grow healthy.

How to control graft depth in a hair transplant in Istanbul

There are a few aspects which need to be considered when choosing the depth at which the new hair follicles are insertedOur doctors usually take into account the following:

  1.           the angle and direction in which the patient’s hair grows – the implanted grafts must have the same angle and direction;
  2.           the density of the hair must also be respected, however, dense packing can be used on certain areas of the head;
  3.           the spacing between the hairs must also be respected when performing a hair transplant;
  4.           the caliber and depth of the hairs must then be respected in order to ensure a natural look.

We invite you for an initial consult in our modern hair transplant clinic in Istanbul if you are considering such an operation.

How can graft depth be measured?

The measurement of the graft depth is made with the help of a blade holder with a needle attached to its end. The needle can be placed between the two sides of the holder based on the size of the patient’s grafts. The depth of the graft is performed after the hair follicles to be implanted have been collected. At least 4 or 5 grafts are measured in order to determine the right depth of the hair grafts.

Graft depth control is very important, as ignoring it can lead to injuries when the implant takes place. Also, a correct graft depth will avoid problems such as the survival of the transplanted hair and poor coverage of the bald areas.

The most employed method which also ensures a good graft depth is Follicular Unit Extraction because of the precise measurements it offers. FUE usually uses small punches when preparing the recipient area and these are quite precise and ensure the right depth for placing the harvested hair follicles.

Graft depth is essential in the extraction of hair follicles

The harvesting phase of the hair follicles is very important in order to ensure the survival of the grafts, which is why the depth of the incision when extracting them is very important. Moreover, the hair follicles must have roots in order to survive when inserted into the bald areas, which why these incisions must be made at the correct depth. This measure can then be used when punching the recipient area.

It is the surgeon’s job to determine how deep a graft can be placed and in our hair transplant clinic in Turkey, our doctors use only high precision tools in order to offer the best results. They also use the latest hair transplant techniques through which natural-looking results can be offered.

The depth of the grafts is very important in a hair transplant and for good results, our doctors will first consult the patient and will discuss with the patient about their medical history in order to choose the best approach and technique.

The number of grafts and the method used for their transplant is another factor that is always discussed, in addition to the importance of graft depth. These factors also influence the hair transplant in Turkey cost, however, our patients can rest assured that the experts at our clinic offer these services at a lower price compared to those in other countries. 

For additional information on the importance of graft depth control in a hair transplant, feel free to contact us any time.