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Top 5 Foods for Healthy Hair

Top 5 Foods for Healthy Hair

The hair is one of the essential characteristics of our looks. However, diseases, stress, the unhealthy living style and other factors can influence the hair in time and thinning hair and baldness are some of the most common problems these days, in most cases the hair transplant being the only procedure to restore our looks.

Before choosing to undergo a hair transplant, trying to minimize the effects of the factors mentioned above is important. This is why having a healthy living style which implies exercising and eating correctly is vital. Below, our hair transplant surgeons in Turkey explain what the 5 most important foods for healthy hair are.

1. Eat fish for a shiny hair

A shiny hair is the definition of a healthy hair and eating fish like salmon and sardines which full of omega-3 is very important for our health, but also for our hair. Another effect fish has on the hair is offering it that natural fullness everyone wants.

2. Iron-rich foods prevent and minimize hair loss

If you have decided to undergo a hair transplant in Turkey, but before that you want to try and minimize hair loss, eating foods rich in iron is the first stop. Cereals, pasta, lentils, and soybeans are among the richest foods in iron. Apart from them, you can also eat liver, beef, and vegetables with dark green leaves.

3. Eat cinnamon for a good oxygenation of the hair follicles

The hair follicles are the “engine” of our hair, this is why a hair transplant implies collecting healthy hair follicles and implanting them in areas where they are no longer viable. Cinnamon helps hair follicles to absorb all the nutrients, and also helps with the right oxygenation of the scalp.

4. Eggs will help the hair grow

Eggs are rich in vitamin B, which is essential for hair growth. Also known as biotin, vitamin B is one of the most important nutrients for the hair and nails. So, if you want to prevent hair loss, eggs are the natural way to do that.

5. Eat vegetables for a healthy scalp

We all know the benefits of vegetables. They are good for our entire health; however, they also have great benefits for the scalp. Rich in vitamins, beta-carotene and iron, vegetables like spinach and kale will help you have a healthy scalp and mane.

If you have decided on a hair transplant in Turkey and need more information on the procedure, please feel free to contact us.

Do you want to know more about hair transplant costs in Turkey? Our team will answer your questions based on preliminary information about the status and health of your hair. We estimate the costs not only based on your current condition, but also on the desired result. The cost will differ according to the number of needed grafts. You can find out more about your options by contacting our team.