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Travel to Turkey

Travel to Turkey

Turkey is a top hair transplant destination for medical tourists from all over Europe who are looking to effectuate hair transplants here not only because of the low costs of the procedures, but also because of the inexpensive and short flights which are available from all the major cities in most Western European countries. Foreigners interested in getting a hair transplant in Istanbul should know that it is easy to travel to this city by plane, being only a few hours away from all major cities in Europe.

Costs of flights from different cities to Istanbul

You can travel to Turkey with most of airline companies having flights to and from Istanbul all around the year. Here are the average costs of one way direct flights from different major cities across the globe to Istanbul:

•    London: you can travel to Turkey starting with only GBP 50;
•    Paris: around EU 114;
•    Rome: approximately EU 150;
•    Madrid: around EU 262;
•    Berlin: around EU 120;
•    Dublin: approximately EU 370;
•    Oslo: around EU 95;
•    Zurich: approximately EU 95;
•    Stockholm: approximately EU 70;
•    Amsterdam: around EU 90;
•    Lisbon: approximately EU 350;
•    Helsinki: around EU 140;
•    Athens: around EU 110;
•    Bucharest: approximately EU 100;
•    Vienna: approximately EU 70.

Taking into account your projected costs before you schedule your travel to Turkey is a natural step. If you would like to know more about the hair transplant Turkey cost, our team can help you with an initial estimate based on your situation and the size of the area that will receive the transplanted hair. You can reach out to us as soon as you decide to undergo the procedure.

Why travel to Turkey

Turkey, in addition to being one of the countries with the lowest costs for hair transplants and high standards of medical services, is a great holiday destination which is worth visiting. With risk of harm being low in tourist locations like Istanbul, you can put your mind at ease that you will have a peaceful trip and enjoy a pleasant holiday while you undergo a hair transplant in Turkey. The nation, located at the crossroads between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, represents a mixture of ancient Greek, Byzantine and Ottoman empire cultures. Istanbul is a cosmopolitan city, where tourists can admire great sightseeing locations like Hagia Sophia, the 17th century Blue Mosque and the amazing Topkapi Palace. Therefore, Turkey is a great place to visit while taking care of your hair transplantation with some of the most reputed specialists in the domain!

In case you need a hair replacement surgery, feel free to get in touch with our Turkey hair transplant specialists.